March's Salon

March's salon with Melanie S. Hatter was so much fun! Melanie is a friend of mine but outside of grad school (we both went to Hopkins), I haven't had the opportunity to read some of Melanie's work. I was really looking forward to diving into Malawi's Sisters.

The book is touching, timely, and engaging. It's a story of family, grief, love, jealousy, relationships, pain, violence against Black people, stitching together narratives, identity, and more. It was an often emotional read and I'm a better person for it.

To watch our discussion (and to catch a glimpse of Melanie's dancing), here's the video. After watching the video, please take a moment to complete the brief survey.

Thank you and please consider joining April's salon in Zoom or on Facebook Live. April's event features Andrea Hairston's Master of Poisons. Not able to join us live? Join us later. Can't wait to see you.

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