Putting the "you" in Challenge

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

I apologize if you tried to join August's workshop via Zoom and weren't able to. It seems the complication was actually me. I had set up reoccurring meetings in Zoom. So, I had a link. When I set up my website and set the workshops up here as well, I selected the option to include a Zoom link.

Tonight (after learning that some people were waiting in another waiting room), I re-read the instructions. It seems that when I set up the event on my website, I generated another link--so that meant another room.

If you were here, I apologize. I was in the other room. To make it up to you, I'd like to host a workshop on September 1, same time, different Zoom link.

To recap: the workshop will take place Tuesday, Sept. 1, 7-8 PM (BST) on Zoom. Please register in advance for this meeting:

We'll be exploring writing tension and conflict in our writing.

Looking forward to seeing you then.



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