Recapping November's Bookable Space Middle Grade Book Club

Last month, was our first middle grade book club and it was a lot of fun!

What did we learn?

Well, lots about the book, the characters, and the inspiration behind the story. We also learned that Sharna can sing. There's a bit of a challenge now. What sort of treat will December's writer have in store for us?

We've also learned two other things: One, just a reminder, you do not need to order a ticket to watch the chat. So, no more Eventbrite for this event. To join in, please like and/or follow the Book-able Space Middle Grade Book Club Facebook page. You'll be notified of our posts, scheduled events, and should be notified when we go live.

Videos will also be available to watch on our Facebook page and here. So, you can feel free to watch whenever you like. This means that families, schools, libraries, book groups, and readers around the world can tune in when they'd like and watch the video and go out and borrow and/or buy the book.

What was the second thing we learned? That the term "middle grade" is not international. So, to clarify, this book club is perfect for readers 8-12 and for readers who like children's books.

Here's the video from The High Rise Mystery November book club. In December, we're reading The Dragon in the Library by Louie Stowell. Hope to see you on December 26th.

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