Notes on the Train or About Me

It’s been a long time since I’ve written something for my blog. I’ve been so busy living life that I didn’t take time to write about living life. Writing keeps me centered. It’s something I do because I want to do it just as much as I need to do it. So much of my time lately is spent in between places. If there were frequent rider miles on the train, I would be saving them for a summer holiday, a good book, or a creamy cup of coffee with French Vanilla creamer.

To avoid the temptation of working on the train and then working when I get to work, I’m going to write on the train. Isn’t writing work? Yes.

Since my last post, I’ve started as Lecturer in Creative Writing and Creative Industries at Sheffield Hallam University, Remembered is out in the world (UK and worldwide except the US and Canada-- date forthcoming), Remembered has made the long list for the prestigious Women’s Prize in Fiction, I’ve received some exciting news about a fellowship to research my second novel, and my friend Naomi and I are developing a podcast to share true stories like we do at Stories at the Storey, our live true-story open mic night. We are looking to grow North West Literary Arts and reach more people in more places.

I won’t post more than I’m comfortable with. I’ll write about projects I’m working on, what I’m writing, books I’m reading, places I’m traveling to and from, and interesting things I see on my commute to or from work. I’ll also post about things other writers are doing, where I might be reading, and opportunities.

Here are some reviews:

The Guardian 

The Guardian review 

Savidge Reads


Distinguished Diva


The Skinny

 i newspaper

Bookliterati The Irish Times

I know there are lots of really interesting reviews on Instagram and Twitter. I haven't linked to those (mainly because I don't have the links). So if you have a review to share, let me know. 

Should you let me know about negative reviews? No thanks, I've probably seen them already and if I haven't, I'll see them when I'm meant to.

I’ve also been talking about Remembered. If you’d like to read interviews, here are some links:

The Voice

The Guardian (article on narratives, slavery, importance of history)

Ten Penny Dreams

New Writing North (Interview)

Common Word Culture Word

To listen to interviews, podcasts

BBC Woman’s Hour

BBC Radio Lancashire Arts and Culture Show with Maria Felix Vas and Sushil Chudasama

BBC Radio Sheffield with Rony Robinson

New Writing North (podcast) BBC Radio Sheffield with Rony Robinson (Friday Catch Up)

If you want to know more about me, here's my TEDx talk

What’s next?

September 2019: I have three titles in Ladybird Tales of Superheroes 

I’m writing a new short story. I like writing about love in its many forms. The story I’m writing now started as a love story. While it isn’t ending up as I thought it would, I’m enjoying the turns the story takes.

I'm developing a script series. I really want to see a show where a diverse cast of women my age look for and find love. I had at first pictured this project as a play. I still want to write a play but that may have to wait for a different story. We'll see.

I’m also writing for children: I love mystery and fantasy. Growing up I imagined myself as the main character. I want to create a story where diverse characters have every day and fantastical adventures.

Want to get in touch?

If you would like to invite me to your event, festival, etc…please contact my publicist Millie Seaward or my agent, Elise Dillsworth

Projects I’m interested in developing, creating

Writing (creative nonfiction, short stories, script, games, radio drama)


Literary Events

Literary Festivals

Voiceover acting

Collaborating on a short-story film

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