Writing as Advocacy: Free Creative Writing Workshops

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Each time another black or brown man, woman, or child is killed by police or another predator, I find myself needing to scream. It might be filled with mourning and tears and anger and terror and pain. It might be silent, vocal, physical, psychological. It might come out in my words my writing, my dreams.

It will come out.

Writing is my form of advocacy. It helps me to make sense of the world around me, picture and plan for a better tomorrow, express how I’m feeling. It soothes my heart and energizes me. Through writing I can explore questions of what if, why, and how. When I am considering moves and moods, I write. When I am tired, I write. When I am heartbroken, I write. When I am angry, I write. When we are wronged, I write.

It is not my only form of advocacy or protest. For me, it is a way to start, to imagine, to do.

I need to write right now. If you’d like to join me for free monthly workshops where we write fiction and creative nonfiction stories loosely exploring a theme, let me know. These will be one-hour, online workshops meeting the last Tuesday of each month from 7-8 PM (BST). Themes might be around hope, change, family, community, advocacy, revolution.

Each workshop will include a brief check-in/chat, the month’s theme, time to write, and time to share what we have written in a judgement-free space.

Where: Zoom 

Who: anyone who wants/needs to write right now as a form of advocacy, to build community, to feel seen and heard. Any experience level.

To register for the workshops, email me, comment on my blog, message me on social media.

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